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Manuel Zeh has played piano and keyboard professionally for several rock bands, gala orchestras, musicals, jazz combos, gospel choirs, reggae bands and theater groups in the USA, Europe, Brazil and Japan. He has worked as a bar pianist at many luxury hotels worldwide, such as the "Clube do Empresário" Rio de Janeiro, the "Hesperia" Hotels in both Madrid and Barcelona, the "Europé" Stuttgart, the "Corso" Ibiza and the "Raffles" Dubai, famous for having the most expensive interior decoration in the world. He has played solo piano concerts in Indonesia, Singapore, Germany and Australia and performed for weddings, corporate events and private functions in many major cities around the world.

He graduated from the Music Academy Tübingen where he obtained his degree as a pianist and music teacher, after completing 4 semesters in Germany and 4 foreign semesters in Asia and Australia. He had previously passed the American high school diploma with high honors and the German A-Levels with the highest average grade possible, as the best out of 400 students. His piano teachers have included some of the most renowned German musicians, such as Wei Tsin Fu, Ull Möck, Martin Schrack, Rainer Tempel, Dirk Schieborn, George Kuchar and Mark Rosenberger. Already as a teenager, he had gone on concert tours through Hungary and Brazil and as keyboarder of the Stuttgart rock band "Shame Reaction" he played in all important live venues of his city.

Beyond his work as a performing musician, Manuel also cooperates very closely with IBA, where he helped found music academies in South East Asia. He held training seminars for piano teachers at music conservatories all over Australia, Indonesia and Singapore and was featured in a front-page article of an Australian magazine. At the age of 13, he started teaching and has since taught hundreds of students all over the world in jazz, rock, pop and blues piano, improvisation as well as the application of brain functions to piano lessons, based on the scientific method of Wei Tsin Fu, which he explains in this interview.

After travelling the world as a professional musician for eight years, Manuel is currently in Latin America. He has travelled about 50 countries on all continents extensively and lived in 11 of them (USA, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Ecuador, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, United Arab Emirates and Germany). He is now functionally native in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese, fluent in French and Indonesian, conversational in Malay and he also speaks some Italian and Japanese.

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